Energy work plan propels Madison into future, proponents say

Energy work plan propels Madison into future, proponents say

For over a year, the Sustainable Madison Committee has been developing an energy and carbon action plan with the goal of positioning Madison as a leader on energy innovation, racial and social equity and environmental health.  At its Tuesday meeting, Madison’s City Council adopted the committee’s 10 recommendations, one of which is to create a framework for an ongoing dialogue with Madison Gas & Electric with the goal of transition to cheap, carbon-free and reliable fuels.

“This will position the city to take charge of its energy future,” Mitch Brey, a campaign organizer for RePower Madison, said.

Rajan Shukla, a Sustainable Madison Committee member, related to the goals on a personal level describing the river that his family in India relies on for drinking water. While Madison is not the same as a city in India, Shukla emphasized the urgency of moving toward sustainable energy and efficient energy use now.

“This is very much an equity issues,” Shukla said. “This is very much a moral issue.”

The energy work plan builds on previous sustainability goals adopted by the Council in 2011, which aim to reduce carbon by 80 percent, obtain 25 percent of electricity, heating and transportation energy from clean energy sources by 2025 and reduce overall energy consumption by 50 percent by 2030.

Many of the committee’s goals, such as creating a working group of Sustainable Madison Committee members and community stakeholders as well as creating dedicated city staff resources to focus on energy issues, can be implemented fairly soon, Brey said.

View the energy work plan, Building a Green Capital City: The Natural Step to Madison’s Sustainable Design and Energy Future,

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