Madison makes ‘aggressive’ moves toward cleaner energy

Madison makes ‘aggressive’ moves toward cleaner energy

The City of Madison’s energy plan goal is to reduce 80 percent of its carbon emissions by 2050, cutting overall energy consumption in half and getting 25 percent of electricity, heating and transportation to be from clean energy sources.

Mitch Brey, the campaign organizer for RePower Madison, an organization focused on persuading MGE to support customer options for renewable energy, said one of the biggest motivators in the creation of the city’s energy plan was a proposal in 2014 from MGE to increase its monthly fixed fees.

According to MGE spokesperson Dana Brueck, the company is in support of the city’s energy plan. MGE’s Energy 2030 framework, which it created last November with community input, is consistent with the city’s goal of 25 percent renewable energy by 2025, she added.

MGE’s Energy 2030 also calls for a greater use of renewable resources, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and more energy efficiency. MGE also has no plans to invest in new coal plants, the nation’s top source of carbon emissions.

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