Open Letter to Gary Wolter – MGE’s CEO

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) submitted a radical new electricity billing scheme to the Public Service Commission (PSC) in June. After strong community opposition, your company retracted (for now) the most regressive changes for 2016 and 2017. Your proposal remains headed in the wrong direction with substantial increases in customer fixed fees and decreases in energy charges for 2015. MGE proposes this despite already having among the highest fixed charges in the Midwest.

The MGE proposal remains deeply contrary to the values of Madison area customers. It penalizes low energy users and discourages investments in energy efficiency and clean energy. The MGE plan encourages consumption and chains your customers to your high (70%) reliance on polluting coal power.

Your recent letter in response to hundreds of public comments fails to explain how your rate proposal would accelerate energy efficiency and renewable energy. Clearly, as proposed, it would have the opposite effect.

The community you serve widely opposes your plan. Clean energy advocates, Dane County and the cities of Madison, Monona, and Middleton have voiced their opposition. More than 275 public comments have been submitted to the PSC against your idea. Will you stand with Madison’s values – or the agenda of the fossil fuel industry?

Your customers deserve a forward-looking, not backward, energy plan that encourages energy efficiency and renewable energy while dramatically reducing the use of coal. Madison deserves corporate leadership from our electric utility, now missing, that reflects the values of the Madison community.

Please promptly withdraw MGE’s regressive and anti-clean energy billing scheme and join with community partners prior to proposing such fundamental change to develop a forward-looking plan. It’s not too late to show the Madison area community that you actually want to be as green as all your ads claim you are, and that you are willing to work together with this community for a sustainable energy future.

It’s time to RePower Madison!